8 TOP Vitamins Men Over 50 Need (PT.1)

8 Best Vitamins for Men Over 50 (Part 1) Aging is part of life, and while it brings about a new journey, certain issues can develop. As we age, our needs change. You may start to feel more tired,  energy levels, plummet and your libido crashes. Understanding these changes can help you develop a counter-strategy. With this in mind, men over 50 should learn what supplements their bodies need.

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(Part 1!) 1. Saw Palmetto Saw-Palmetto is an essential nutrient for men who want to reduce the risk of prostate problems and safeguard prostate health.

Saw palmetto supplements have been shown to reduce swelling in the prostate and improve urinary symptoms. During a Chinese study, saw palmetto was given to 165 BPH patients for 3 months. The dose was 160mg, yet the symptom score of the patients improved significantly after only 6 weeks. It got even better at the 12-week mark.  The patients could urinate with a fuller stream, and they also had fewer feelings of retention.

2) Vitamin D Often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” the primary natural source of vitamin D  is solar exposure. But for most people, this is not enough, and in many cases,  supplemental and dietary intake is also necessary. Some of the symptoms associated with low vitamin D levels include muscle weakness, weak bones, fatigue, hair loss, depression, and inflammation. Sign-up to Stay Updated on the Latest Natural Health News

8 TOP Vitamins Men Over 50 Need (PT.1)

Low vitamin D levels have also been linked with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Findings suggest that prostate tumors, in particular, can become highly aggressive when a man’s vitamin D levels are too low.

A report in the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research showed that the lower the vitamin  D levels, the more aggressive the prostate cancer. Adding to the growing body of evidence that vitamin D may be important to several areas of health, cancer is one of them.

3) B12 B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being.  As the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins directly impact your energy levels,  brain function, and even cell metabolism. B12, in particular, is an essential B vitamin for men over 50.

It plays a vital role in producing red blood cells, fighting fatigue, maintaining energy levels, and preventing cognitive decline. Increasing research also shows that Vitamin B12 may help prevent dementia and slow the progression of brain atrophy in elderly patients.

4) Calcium As you age, you lose a little bit of calcium each year.  This can lead to health concerns such as fatigue, brittle bones, and an increased risk of fractures. Men over 50 are advised to get around 1,000 mg of calcium each day.

When a  man reaches the age of 71, their need for calcium will generally increase.  The increased calcium intake may help to elevate serum calcium levels in the body. Enjoyed our video? Then stay tuned for part 2!  Hit the bell icon now to get notified when it goes live. Sign-up to Stay Updated on the Latest Natural Health News

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