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Detoxification & Cleansing – Natural Body Detox 1 / 6

if you’re feeling tired and dehydrated when you get up in the morning if you’re feeling down or lack of energy if you need to work or maybe you need to study but your lack of concentration your lack of motivation or maybe you need to lose weight but you don’t have the mood you don’t have the energy to exercise daily for most people who do daily battle with this problem the main cause of these conditions are all-too-familiar an unhealthy diet a sedentary lifestyle and perhaps some unlucky genes however the latest health studies have demonstrated that 80% of these conditions are related to our intestinal bacteria and when things goes wrong in our guts they can also go wrong in our brains hormones and moods the good news is that getting your energy back in good shape could be simpler than you think start by watching this video and find out how to clean something toxic by your body today we all want to have more energy to enjoy an active life with family and friends we all want to have more vitality to practice our favorite sports we all want to have more freedom to enjoy our hobbies well the first and most important step is to improve our intestinal bacteria which is also known as God flora bacteria where growth is the root cause of lack of energy and most of our health problems both physically and mentally to prevent bacterial overgrowth we need to develop a daily practice of good hydration good nutrition daily exercise internal hygiene and relaxation these are the five pillars of health that will determine the number and the type of bacteria we have in our God’s the fact is that intestinal bacteria affects how we feel how flat our bellies are and how much energy we have during the day this will determine our vitality to be able to work effectively to study with concentration and to have muscular endurance to exercise and practice sports it’s important to understand that maintaining optimal gut flora may be one of the most important steps that we can take to improve our health let’s review some of the recent pads inside our bodies there’s a universe of cells funguses viruses and bacteria and after age 30 based on what we eat what we drink what we touch and how we breathe the number of bacteria inside our bodies are estimated to be more than ten times the number of our cells a healthy person should have between three to five pounds of intestinal bacteria starting in the mouth nose and skin bacteria travels through our body making our stomach and intestines their home more than 500 type of bacteria live in our intestines now the good news is that most of them are good bacteria the bad news is that too much of intestinal bacteria can produce toxins that irritate and damage the lining of our intestines intestinal bacteria help us to keep our immune system healthy this flora of the gut performs important functions helping to properly digest vitamins such as vitamin K B which are essential for preventing anemia and reducing the risk of a stroke good flora also help us to protect the small intestine from dangerous bacteria which are developed in the large intestine so a lean strong and healthy body is a good indication that intestinal bacteria is in good balance which is very important for preventing illnesses and eliminating harmful bacteria from our bodies however sometimes the normal function of intestine is affected causing bacterial overgrowth from lack of physical activity alcohol or eating a daily diet of processed food or junk food all of this leads to irritation and infections of the small intestine the calling is not as clean as the small intestine and reflux or backlogs of the stool into the small intestine can colonize it with harmful bacteria like Salmonella cholera and e—coli this bad bacteria cause infections diseases blood poison and kidney failures and ulcers in our gut be aware that any problem in our gut affects directly or brain leading to issues like insidey depression lack of concentration and sleep disorders mistakenly most people add stress to their bodies eating the wrong foods or doing the wrong exercises which promotes increase of free radical activity damaged tissue and injuries related to physical over exertion as a result of physical over exertion and bacterial overgrowth the end result could be serious damage to our internal organs and also premature aging of our bodies now to prevent these conditions is important to hydrates our bodies and to do light physical activity before eating our main meals prevention is always better than cure recent studies shows that 80 to 90% of all the cysts are preventable if we develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle this means that we have a great deal of control over our health and vitality so there is no excuse for smoking drinking alcohol being lazy eating junk food or not getting sufficient exercise by eliminating these bad habits we can keep our internal organs in good shape and our intestinal bacteria in good balance and as a result in few days we can feel so much better we can feel so much healthier more energetic cleans and revitalize you

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