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How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

Fall Asleep 2 Minutes

If you are like me, your evening should look like this: After a busy day, you will brush your teeth Put on Yoda-themed pajamas, lie on the bed, turn off the lights, and… Nothing happened (Worm calls) No, not good, nothing happened It’s like, “Just 10 seconds ago, I thought I would die if I didn’t go to bed And now I’m super sober” You try to close your eyes tightly, or I just lie down in a comfortable position Correct! Then it was solved! But not so The clock keeps running You become more concerned about the sleep time that is being lost every second And how tomorrow will get worse If you can sleep during class or work, That’s easy, but it’s a person’s night The only thing left is your deepest, darkest thoughts, and that damn clock is… Oh my God! Three hours have passed? fall asleep 2 minutes

If this sounds familiar Then this video is suitable for you Because we have collected some of the best suggestions and practices To increase your chances of falling asleep quickly While we started talking about what you should do before bed, We have also prepared the US Navy’s method to fall asleep within 2 minutes While you stay here awake Let’s start with 7 things to do before going to bed First thing: sleep in a colder place The temperature around you Especially near the head and body Probably the most underestimated factor It’s not just about whether you can fall asleep tonight, And your sleep quality Whether you feel hot because you are covered with a thick quilt, wearing thick pajamas or just in a hot room Will reduce your slow-wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep Even if I just started sleeping, fall asleep 2 minutes

Your body temperature will drop by 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.5 degrees Celsius So a lower ambient temperature can make your body temperature drop faster You may be shocked, but the recommended temperature for the bedroom is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18.3 degrees Celsius The room is too cold and not too good But it will not disturb your sleep or sleep quality like a room that is too hot The second thing: take a hot bath before going to bed You may think it’s because it’s warm, a little dizzy and helps you fall asleep But it’s actually the opposite When you are in a high-temperature environment The body will not be able to withstand the heat and will transport blood to the surface of your skin Make you look red If you leave the warm environment The expanded blood vessels will release the body’s internal heat to the surrounding environment Your core body temperature will drop quickly fall asleep 2 minutes

This makes the body and brain think it’s time to sleep The third thing: take the clock away Just know how to read the clock It’s no use not sleeping with you for long And it will only make you more stressed In fact, monitoring time is related to stress and waking up or getting up The fourth thing: The intake of caffeine and nicotine should be minimized or avoided Coffee, cola, certain teas, and even chocolate can take up to 8 hours to be completely discharged from the body Nicotine is a stimulant So avoid taking them too late Avoid eating before going to bed Studies have found that not eating carbohydrate-containing foods is helpful for sleep It’s best not to be too hungry or too full before going to bed The fifth thing: doing exercise or being tired can help you fall asleep faster But exercising 2 to 3 hours before going to bed will make you awake So it’s better to do exercise earlier.

Taking a nap is the same thing. It’s good but doesn’t go to bed after 3 pm. Otherwise, it will only make it harder for you to fall asleep at night 6th thing: make sure to relax before going to bed If you want to sleep but your head is thinking about something, it proves that your brain is not ready for sleep Some relaxing activities within 1 hour before going to bed are like reading a book It’s the best habit that helps you adjust your mindset Finally, the seventh thing: make sure you have exposure to sunlight during the day Then minimize the exposure time at night You’ve probably been told not to use the phone before going to bed, that’s true But exposure to natural light for at least 30 minutes a day is equally important If you have trouble falling asleep This will help train your biological clock and make you tired at the right time Now we have listed several conditions to improve your sleep…

…And you are still awake In fact, you may have done all the things mentioned above, and when you lie on the bed I want to find a way to fall asleep faster on Youtube, and then see this video do not lie You have violated Rule 7: Don’t look at your phone But if I just want to find a solution, I will forgive you, I mean, I will not complain about the extra click-through rate Seriously, if you are still lying in bed after doing everything, There is also a little trick that is said to be used by the Navy If you are proficient, you will be able to fall asleep within 2 minutes no matter where you are I say “it is said” because the research is not completely public But they claim that the fighters are useful They occasionally make avoidable mistakes due to stress or severe insomnia, In fact, this technique is designed to help them fall asleep, even sitting down

After 6 weeks, researchers claimed that 96% of pilots could fall asleep within 2 minutes It does this First, you need to relax any part of your body Take a deep breath Close your eyes and focus on your face Imagine that every muscle is slowly relaxing If you need help, squeeze your face and relax it Exhale air to relax your cheeks, tongue, mouth, and jaw You can even imagine the eyes sinking into the eye sockets Then go down and repeat the same procedure for each muscle group Relax after tightening To your shoulders, then to your arms, forearms, and fingers, then to your chest, feet, and finally to your feet It’s all about deep breathing and concentration and relaxation

When the whole body is completed, start to organize your thoughts and enter a state of meditation Think of what happened in the day or have an image in your mind Try not to think about them often, just let them pass Just think about some actions that can stimulate the muscles to contract involuntarily When meditating, don’t let your thoughts lead you Try to concentrate and breathe Or you can imagine yourself in a peaceful place It’s like warm summer, lying in a hammock, shaking slowly If you still can’t stop thinking about things, They suggest repeating “Don’t think or think…” for 10 seconds Sounds stupid or too simple But practice makes perfect And it’s rumored online that people find it effective after taking time to practice The key is, like many things, it’s a constant practice every night Maybe not easy on the first night

After a few weeks, you can fall asleep faster and faster Assuming you don’t have any sleep disorders or special conditions One more suggestion Are considered the easiest and most important tips for fall asleep 2 minutes right away If you can’t do the above things, do it with this No matter what, go to bed and get up on time every day Even on weekends I know it sucks, but we are all animals with habits If you want to sleep right away, Forming good habits will make your body work like a clock After everything You are not asleep yet, Stop lying in bed, Studies have shown that not falling asleep after a period of time can cause anxiety Will only make it worse

So, get up and do some relaxing or stuffy activities until you are sleepy Mitch: Thanks for watching! We slightly changed the style of animation in the movie The video is a little longer, leave a comment to let us know how you feel Greg: We will make a playlist with more videos about sleep Because it’s a common theme and very important Mitch: Make sure you have subscribed for more content and click on the little bell Greg: Oh, yes, click the little bell, it is obviously important. fall asleep 2 minutes

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Fall Asleep 2 Minutes