How To Start Your Day Off Right

How To Start Your Day Off Right

My Morning Routine

What do your mornings look like? I want to create routines to start my day off right. So very first thing: I do I get up very early, I’m an early bird, I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but if you look at the most successful people in the world they get up early. I’m just saying: look at the statistics read the books and so early on 2021. My Morning Routine  I said I want to be like people who get up early and I got up and guys I’ve been doing it ever since, and so my sleeping in is like 6:00 a.m.

And I’m not happy about it. First up, I’m not proud. It’S just six am sleeping into me. I just beat my alarm so I’m up every morning from 4:15 to 4:30 at 5 o’clock, the latest and usually it’s more on the 4:15 side. I’m up, I’m it’s automatic. My Morning Routine  I’m up before the alarm or I’m kind of already kind of like moving around and the first thing I do is I sit there and I think, ok, what am I grateful for right? It’s hard to have a bad day when you start off with what you’re grateful for so like today, I was like man, I’m giving guys what it is that welcomes like a man.

M̲y̲ ̲M̲o̲r̲n̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲R̲o̲u̲t̲i̲n̲e̲ my mind is so fresh right now, and it really is it’s just it’s like I’m on right now for where I’m going, I’m focused I’m highly focused and so right away. I’m grateful for that and it’s hard to have a bad day when you start out with that. So that’s number one right away. The second thing I do is I wake up and I drink water, two full glasses of water and I chug it and it’s crazy because it boosts my metabolism, I’m wide awake now and the first thing that’s the very first thing I do after I think About what I’m grateful for and so from there I hit the gym baby, I’m getting in I’m pumping iron, I’m getting my blood flowing. I like to get him to the gym as early as possible because I’m always thinking – and it’s just me being competitive.

It’s like man, everyone’s sleeping right now, my friends are sleeping like everyone’s sleeping like I’m getting a workout in and I’m fired up. So I get a workout in I to come home. I have an after-workout protein shake just to you know to feed the body cuz. I get hungry and I uh I journal a little bit and I’m gone I’m out, I’m out I like to get out of the house as fast as possible. It’S just I hate being in there. I don’t know why I don’t have like. I always. I’m always envious of people in the morning I can like to sit and make their coffee and it’s just it’s the routine. I wish I could do that, but when I’m there I’m like now get out, I just so fast and hyper-focus. So it’s not as pretty as you think, but it’s I’m up early.

I do the same routine. Every morning I journal I’m grateful I drink water. I work out. I work out five-six days a week. It’S just that’s my morning, routine. It hasn’t changed in a very long time and that’s what it is. So I hope that helps. I will tell you this, though a couple of things at little nuggets.

I know this isn’t the question and you ask me what I do in the morning, but the night before what I do is I really look at my schedule and I write down everything for the next day and what that does for me right is it allows Me to know what I’ve got coming tomorrow, there are no surprises and when I’m up in the morning I’m very focused on okay, what I’m working out! I got this appointment. I got this meeting. I got this going on. I already prepared the day before.

So that’s like a little night ritual as I prepare for the next day. Just so, I’m super focused because I here’s what happens guys right you get up your morning routine, My Morning Routine like I’m, fired up, yeah baby whoo, you got the rocky music going and next thing you know you’re like okay. Well, what do I, my schedules? Kind of bear? You know, like I got this one appointment here, got like a four-hour got like my goal. Is I don’t want those surprises and I’d rather fill those in the night before I’ve? Let me prosper.

Okay, My Morning Routine let me call my past clients. Let me call my top ten clients, you know. Let me make sure I write these personal notes. I have a buyer’s inspection. I have a listing inspector for all these things, I’m trying to fill them the night before so that way, I don’t ruin my day because I’ll have a killer morning and a-plus routine morning, and then I’ll have a see schedule more afternoon. It’s a see it’s like ah and I ruined the day by having a great morning and Anna mediocre afternoon, and so I want to have a great day from start to finish and that’s what I do you.

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My Morning Routine