Should You Eat or Avoid Lectins?

that's kinda I know I can see it in your face your cardiologist you take care of people of heart disease you deal with the problems of obesity in this country you say not so fast absolutely you know we're dealing with serious diseases and nutritional advice isn't hypothetical we're talking about heart disease cancer multiple sclerosis what a medical doctor tells the patient should be a matter of trust and it has to be based on the scientific method and that's where we smell a rat in this debate dr. Gundry in all respect has not published a published paper on this topic little tiny paragraphs that is not a basis to change the nutritional pattern let me tell you three important facts number one if you want to live a long life in this world whether you live in Japan Greece Italy Costa Rica or Loma Linda you eat beans you eat peas you eat lentils the universal food along jeopardy is the food he takes away bad idea number two the largest nutritional research data in the world just came out in the past few weeks it's called the pure study they looked what happened to 135 thousand people you ate more legumes beans peas lentils you live longer that's not a side effect that's what we want this audience and the viewership to enjoy and let me tell you the last and third part we use lectins in medicine to diagnose cancer and to treat cancer there are benefits to lectins dr.

gundrick calls him killer lectins that is abusive of the public trust in fact I don't believe he has the public trust because the scientific basis is the emperor wearing no clothes and that's my little piece Wow I'm gonna ask you a question that I thought of because I eat legumes every single day I think it's a great meat substitute I think it is a great way to improve your health on the cheap quite frankly most of these foods are a regular part of my diet each and every day not even looking at the science a question how long do people live 9999 years ago what was the average lifespan how long people live is not important and interestingly enough hang on hang on hear me out it's not how long you live and both dr. Khan and I would agree it's how well you live for that long length of time in my book I ask people to eat beans as long as you put them in a pressure cooker the pressure cooker destroys the lectins I eat beans all the time and I have recipes in the book for beans dr.

Gundry are there pressure cookers in Sardinia are there pressure cookers in Okinawa are there pressure cookers in Costa Rica Peninsula they don't exist people know how to make these foods without modern take a great question and they live a long healthy life it's not a fad diet it's a bad fad diet because we're gonna need more butter we're gonna eat more eggs and he's got twenty cheeses you can eat and almost no fruits you can eat sorry that's not medicine that is bad thing is if you're confused okay you're normal it's a bit confusing right but if there's truth in both of your arguments it's that we are individuals and no one can say with certainty what you respond best to look you can do all the population-based studies in the world but you got to find what works for you so I would argue look if you're dealing with these you want to figure out the right diet for you work with the nutritionist work with the dietician work with your doctor my humble opinion is that I agree with dr.

Khan and that's just me but just do the research on your own certainly we'll have more resources on our website I want to thank both dr. Gundry and dr. Khan very interesting topic you.

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