Ultimate Core Workout Pilates on Gravity Board

Ultimate Core Workout Pilates on Gravity Board

Ultimate Core Workout

We’re going to begin this great ultimate core workout. I’m going to have Marilyn sit at the edge of the board. To do this properly, with using the wall, but jumping, you want to be able to slide yourself right up to the very edge of the board. You have a level on like five halfway up the machine, maybe a little less and then from there, she’s going to lay on her back and she’s going to put her feet on the wall. You walk your feet down a little bit more. So, your feet align with your hip. You’re going to exhale, bring your right leg in and just fold all the way in.

Bring your forehead to your knees. Exhale all the air out. Do it from your right foot back on the wall, arms over your head, inhale over your left leg in, forward look straight across, actually look at your right foot, forehead to your knee. Good. Lay it back down, arms over your head, inhale nice and deep. Good. Let’s go ahead from there put your hands behind your head and you’re going to just bring your elbows in a little bit because you want to scoop. You want to tip your pivot bone forward and you lean your chest in, good feet scooping and we’ll begin to jump.

Now, then, you’ll just go up and down at the balls of her feet, a little bit. That’s right. See how deep she comes down. She has her knees come above her hips and by doing that you’re really going deeper into your hip and your sacrum and then your buttock. You really want to go nice and deep to get that full effect, back and forth, as you can see, she’s real steady within this ultimate core workout.

Try to keep your body still when you do it. You don’t rock your whole body. You keep it grounded and to keep it grounded, you have your hands behind your head and you’re scooping really deep in your core and your eyes are fixed ahead and this is a great way to warm up. She’s warming up really nicely. Pushing up at the bottom of her feet. She’s nice and light, no heavy, not dropping your feet onto the wall. It’s a spring effect, going back and forth, two and one. Beautiful. Go ahead and you straighten your legs back out. Bring your arms back over your head, inhale nice and deep. This time we’re going to have your legs extended. Bring your right leg up and grab your right leg is straight. You have your one hand on the calf. The opposite hand on the hamstring. You bring your forehead in. That’s right ultimate core workout, and you exhale and your scoop is coming in nice and deep as you look at the opposite foot, bring that leg down and go ahead arms over your head and the opposite side, exhale.

Pull that all in. It’s time to keep that heart rate going. Keep the air, the oxygen moving really nice as you’re forwarding in and out. Go back and forth. Bring that leg down, arms over your head. Exhale. Beautiful. Let’s do a variation with that. Go on the balls of your left foot, the one, your left toes. That’s good. Grab your right leg again. Good. Fold that in, with on your left toes and you bring your right foot down past your left foot. Flex it. Come back up. Good. See how she goes back and forth, and that right foot is actually going right next to your left leg, parallel. Don’t bring it up to the side. You want to keep it all lined up. As you drop it down, exhale that upon three. Good. Keep your chest forward on two, exhale and on one, exhale. Hold that. Nice and deep. Hold that legs in.

Scoop it really deep. Put your right foot back down on the wall. Bring your arms over your head. You inhale. Good. Put your hands behind your head. Exhale and we’re going to come down for a few squats. I’m way down. Open your knees up and go to a deep squat and you get your forehead right in there, right between your knees, beautiful.

That’s good. That’ll get that edge of the board to get that good deep squat. Exhale, really deep. Good and let’s begin to jump again. Lower your feet down a little bit. There you go and you’re going to do squat when you’re jumping. So, open your knees up and you come down nice and deep. Good, with your knees apart. This is another one where you have your knees going above your hip and when you’re coming down.

Ultimate Core Workout Pilates on Gravity Board

So, when you push up. You’re pushing up really deep into your hamstring and into your adductor. Going nice and deep. Exhale. Pushing it down. Good, leaning herself in every time she comes down two, three about five staying on the balls of your feet to your right, four and three. Let’s add a little variation. How about extending your hands and touching the wall when you come down. Good. Come down and touch the wall. That’s a really good challenge for your core. You got to lean your body in and touch the wall. You do that exhale when you’re coming down. A couple more times and touch. Good. Exhale and touch and one more time and touch. Beautiful, arms over your head. After you’re done with that, inhale that all the way up. Walk with me, down a little bit and you’re going to be doing it oppositely this time. Your feet will be up here aligned with the hips, perfect, and let’s bring your left leg up.

You’re going above of your right foot, left, right and then, holding out with one arm, one hand below and one hand above, to pull in that leg and bringing your whole leg in. What you’re really trying to achieve here is lifting your leg up a little bit, just a little and you’re being able to lean that in nice and deep. So, you’re actually holding the ball kind in a socket. You’re kind of stretching it that all out. Then, you go ahead and bring your left leg down. Flex it, your left foot. Then, come back up. Going back and forth, exhale and your feet come down. Go up. Alright, then, bring that foot back down. Let’s go ahead and we’re going to bring your right knee in. We’re going to do a beautiful hip opener. She’s going to put her right foot in the pocket, right over her left leg above her left knee. Putting up, putting, you can even hold on to that foot if you want a little bit. That’s right. Just to keep that hip open, and then she did it, go ahead and bend her left knee.

If she bent her left knee, you can see that beautiful deep stretch that’s going into that hip, and you just kind of hold that a little bit. Cradle that leg in there and you can even have your hands behind your head now and look at your left knee. Bring your elbows in and curl up. That’s right, curl up. Really, that’s how you want to be. Then, you want to get deep into that stretch, as you exhale, bringing your head in. After you hold in that for a few seconds and breathing in and out, you can just extend and straighten out your left leg and come back down.

Do a few of those, back and forth. It just really helps to massage and loosen up into that hip joint, deep into the bottom socket, a couple of times like that. Beautiful, way down, deep suction. Good. Back up. Wonderful. Okay. Come out of that. Put your right foot on the wall. Let’s do the opposite side. Bring your arms over your head, good deep suction there. Inhale and then bring the other leg in. There you go and then take that and stretch it out for a moment, try to see if you can drop down that left leg a little bit.

Holding on it with your right hand see if you like. If you can’t, don’t worry about it. It just keeps it cradle really nice and then go ahead and bring your hands behind your head. Left side, folding for a second. Feel that deep stretch going into your left hip as you lean your head forward and you push your head to the back of the spine. Good, and then you come on up and down the stairs on it.

Breathe. Good. Pushing off the balls of your right foot. It should feel real steady and stable, always. The great thing about hitting the wall on the board like this is that you don’t have that impact that you get when you’re running on, on the cement ground. This way, you haven’t just the impacted, it takes like 45% and less or even more. So, that way, the impact is less on your knees, less on your joints and your ankles, and then your hips in allowing you to kind of the last longer getting that good jumping effect.

Great impact on your body. Beautiful. Go ahead, put your left hand up, back on the wall. Bring your arms back over your head, in, held nice and deep. Good. Then, you’re not at the tail. Bring your feet on the wheel of the machine. Good. Now, this alone is a beautiful step. Hold that really nice and deep again. Breathe in, deep stretch. Good. I’m going to have you in this position wiggling yourself up the board a little bit. You can just grab your hands at the top of the board and slide yourself up.

So, you’re about maybe five inches from the edge. With that, she’s going to inhale, lengthen her body, feel a beautiful stretch. Her feet are on the wheel and she’s going to exhale, bring her arms to her sides and just look at the wall and hold. That’s right. I’m going to have you bring your hands out a little bit more. Look at the wall and you, actually, come a little bit more like that. You’re going to scoop. You’re leaning forward with your chin tucked in as if your hands going to want to reach and touch the wall. You exhale that out and you lay back. You do that over and over. Exhale, come back up. Breathe.

Come up a little more. That’s right. Tilt it up. Tilt your pubic bone in as you bring your chest forward, bring in a deep, silent crunch. Come back down. Good. Exhale back up. Good. Real deep. Chin tucked in. She’s almost looking at her toes. One more time, come down. Good. Exhale back up and good. You hold that. Lean your body in. Good. Come back down. Arms over your head. Breathe in. Exhale. This time, she’s going to come all the way up and touch her toes forward down, deep, forward down. Lean your body all the way in to go into some deep stretching into your hips and your hamstring, lengthening and toning those muscles and then working herself right into a beautiful forward bend. Keep exhaling all the air out right here and really feeling that deep stretch that she kind of works herself up to when she’s done some of that good jumping, keeping the body warm.

From ultimate core workout here or there, she’s going to sit up nice and tall and then put your hands behind your ear Marilyn, sitting in an upright position. You definitely put your hand on the wall and you want to lift it on the spine all the way up and you still look ahead. Your chin will be tucked in. Bring your chin down a little bit. Uh-hm, and she going to really get a great impact right back here.

Holding that all the way in. Keep lifting up. So, you’re going to head up to the ceiling by your fingers pushing into the board. You’re going to either go into pivot if you want, really lift that up. Open that up. You want to see if you can separate each vertebra from, on the lengthening your spot. You really want to lift that up. That’s good. Inhale a little bit. Feeling your hips slightly coming forward. Beautiful alignment here like that, you just want to imitate. Feeling that alignment going up. Your hands-on the board. You’re pushing up. Bringing your hips forward slightly. Everything’s positions, the spine to take it as tall as you can.

Good. Exhale, she’s going to bend, hanging a little bit. Good, and then begin to take her right hand on the outside and pivot herself as she looks at the top number of the rail for a beautiful rotation here. Great stuff here. Lifting and opening, after she got her spine, nice and tall. She’s going to keep that open, anchoring her right hand on her left knee. You’re going to feel that like running all the way up into the right side of your body. With your left hand planted, you’re going to actually rotate the entire red tape. That’s what you want to do. Get right into the entire red tape because you want to pivot the entire thoracic spine and her eyes are really focused ahead because she wants to go right into that antipodal, right up into the top of her pivotal. Coming out of that shell, exhale and do the opposite.

Next but not least with this ultimate core workout Put your hand on there, that side, and then you have the opposite hand pressing in. You open up your chest. You drop your shoulders down, and you’re in, you’re kind of head to the ceiling as you inhale nice and deep. Good. Exhale, come forward, beautiful rotation here, and then put your hands on the wall, Marilyn and let’s repeat that and fold your body over again. Beautiful. Bring your chest way down. Pressing your hands into the wall. She’s going into a deep back jacket. Pressing her hand on the wall. We’re finishing up with a beautiful deep forward, bend. She’s bringing her blades down her back. Chest between her legs. Pushing up with the heel of her hands, tail bones to the opposite side, beautiful, deep protection. You feel that from your hands running all the way down, inhaling, nice and deep..


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Ultimate Core Workout


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