Signs of Chronic Low Energy with Dr. Steven Gundry

– Fatigue. It's a health issue, plaguing America and it's taking a toll on our
mental and physical stamina. Take a look. We're in the midst of an energy crisis. As most people are
working from home handling remote learning and
dealing with the stress of the ongoing pandemic. People everywhere are feeling drained of their usual vitality, capacity, and clarity within their life. Worn out from trips to the grocery store or other activities, It's simply affecting our quality of life. Even for the ones who live
by the get up and go mantra, the passion to seize the
day has suddenly gone and they are in desperate
need of an answer to why. So, do you feel like you just
don't have it in you anymore? Is there any way to turn it around? Dr. Gundry, great to have
you back on the program. – Hey, it's great to be back. Thanks for having me. – Good to see you. You know, it's important for people to know fatigue is more than
just sleep deprivation.

So let's dig right into it. What are the signs of
just chronic low energy? – A struggle to get moving. The need to have, you
know, three cups of coffee and an energy bar in the morning. Trouble keeping up with
your kids, taking care of your kids in ways
that no one anticipated. And the struggle to make your brain work. That's one of the big
problems now, brain fog, that people never used to have. – Alright, Dr. Gundry, you
got our attention here, but what can we do to regain our energy? – Well, first of all, we've
got to change what we eat and we have to change
the timing of our eating. And we hear a lot about probiotics and people are beginning
to talk about prebiotics, but we can actually eat prebiotics to make exciting new compounds
that are called postbiotics. And postbiotics literally
turbocharge our energy. And it's some of the
most exciting discoveries in medicine right now. – Now, most people don't
hear a lot about postbiotics. What are those? – So your gut microbes, when you feed them
prebiotics, which are fiber, your gut microbes actually produce gases and short chain fatty acids
that we now call postbiotics.

And these postbiotics actually talk to our energy producing
organelles, the mitochondria, and literally tell our
mitochondria to make more energy. And it's the presence of these postmiotic that
drive our energy production which is exciting because
we can make more postbiotics by eating the certain
foods we need to eat..

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