Vital Reds Gundry MD Review

good morning Antoinette here having my morning 
coffee was thinking about making a protein shake   before work and I thought that I would tell you 
about this here product my light is haunted it's   not the bowl but I don't know what it is probably 
need a new fixture anyway it will go on for good   eventually but have you seen that very long video 
I'm on the Internet's about dr. Gunther e md it's   do und ry he's got a long video about these vital 
Reds and it's very good and convincing there are   some amazing things in here the problem is 
trying to get the stone first I'm going to   tell you what's in it and you if you're over 
50 you need a magnifying glass just to read it   so we'll try it okay it does have 10 I'm sorry 
it is 10 calories and two curves for and it has   a little bit of dietary fiber to go with that 
you've got some normal vitamins like thiamine   riboflavin niacin vitamin b6 folate vitamin b12 
biotin solonian chromium okay but here's the   here's what's really in it the blend is organic 
carrot organic apple peel grapeseed extract arianna black currant fruit extract apple 
organic beet root extract mango papaya a Teta   tab fruit extracts drug all this extra fruit 
extract apple pectin red black berry I don't   know how they get all this in here cantaloupe 
grape watermelon grapefruits plum pear you're   getting all of this in there lime cherry peach 
berberine hydrochloride that I don't know what   that is and that was the poly phenyl blend part 
of it which is 1540 milligrams then you get to   the metabolic boosting blend 365 milligrams that's 
cinnamon bark 5 to 1 ratio of extract ginger root   green tea leaf white tea leaf extract tumeric 
room ozone extract bitter melon fruit extract   black pepper fruit then you have the digestive 
support blend which is hmmm Basilius quallege   ins electability kiss acidosis philosoph yeah 
Biffle bacterium lactis el retiree 3 billion   CF use of that okay so other ingredients listed 
citric acid natural flavors you know whatever that   means dar gum silica just don't look at a thing 
that they put in the bottle so that it stays fresh chromium hydrochloride folic acid some other 
things I can't pronounce thiamine hydrochloride   contains Milt dr.

Condry md beverly hills 
california okay so after watching that   video i bought the bargain bonus special value 
score variety which was three of these supposed   to be each one's supposed to be 30-day supply 
like you're gonna have one a day I've had this 20:16 since I started my little carb lifestyle 
when I started back Aikido right now I'm low   carb but at the time I was Kido when I wouldn't 
get these so I have one of them's gone and then   I have one at work that I will occasionally you 
have tried to make hot tea in the afternoon with   it but you gotta like constantly stir it this 
stuff does not dissolve so the only way that I   can really make it work so that I'm not and to 
get it down is to put it in my nutribullet and   and make a morning spinach shake that's the 
best way to get it down they actually will   blend up if you blend it up that roughly in a 
bullet but it says what it really says is it's   like really tiny it says directions one scoop 
of vital Reds with eight fluid ounces of your   favorite beverage and mix well okay so if you 
really mix it then you gotta slam it and before   you get halfway through you got to mix it again 
and slam it but it's really hard to drink all   that redness I mean it's it's not that it tastes 
bad it tastes it tastes okay but it's it's a bit   much to get all of that nutrition in you but you 
know I do believe that it's very good for you   I do get an energy boost if I do manage to get 
it down but more often than not I wind up with   half of it in the bottom of my glass that's what 
usually happens and then by then I'm so sick of   it that I rinse it away so would I buy vital Reds 
again absolutely not so this is a product that I   I don't know there there are some health 
benefits if you really need them if you or   somebody you know has tried these I would love 
to get your opinions on them I haven't read any   reviews on them or or anything but if you've 
tried this please leave a comment all right good morning talk to you 
later thanks for stopping by

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