What is the Plant Paradox? Dr. Steven Gundry Explains | Thrive Market

I shouldn't operate on people and then
teach them how to avoid me. I should teach them how to eat; and they'll avoid
me, and I'll never have to operate on them in the first place. Plants were actually on earth first.
Plants didn't have to move because they didn't have a predator. When insects
arrived they had a problem; because they couldn't run and they couldn't hide, they
couldn't fight. But they're chemists of incredible ability. One of the defense
mechanisms of plant is to make these proteins that are called lectins. Lectins
get through the wall of your gut and they're accompanied by bacteria. Our
immune system sends out troops, they come to the border of our gut, and a war ensues. And what we found in published data that autoimmune disease is at its
basic center leaky gut, and my personal feeling is that that leaky gut in most
people is caused by lectins. Believe it or not all plants have
lectins, the really big troublemakers are our of the nightshade family; potatoes,
eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, goji berries, the squash family, pumpkins,
zucchini, peanuts, and cashews.

So when we eat these things, and we feel bad, you
know we take oh you know, prilosec or nexium, or antidepressants, or joint
support, and we don't realize in fact that the plant is trying to get our
attention. So what I'm trying to do is get the major mischievous lectins out of
people's diet, and the more I can get those out of people's diet the better..

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